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Cornwall Fire Sprinklers: a case study

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For some years Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service has actively promoted the use of Sprinklers in both domestic and commercial buildings. Whilst sprinklers do not stop a fire from occurring they can control the development and subsequent size of a fire thus increasing the tenability for persons trying to escape. Sprinklers are life safety

Fire sprinklers and Cornwall Cornwall Fire Brigade

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The Benefits of Sprinklers There is clear evidence that sprinklers can be effective in stopping fires spreading and putting them out. Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) plays a key leadership role in promoting better understanding of the benefits of sprinklers as part of a core commitment to reducing the impact of fire on

Fire sprinklers and Cornwall Council

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Already compulsory in Wales, fire sprinkler installation may soon by a part of new build legislation. Cornwall Council is leading the way in calling for legislation in England which will make the installation of fire sprinklers in new builds compulsory. At a conference at the Carlyon Bay Hotel hosted by Cornwall Fire and Rescue