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Why fit fire sprinklers?

Cornwall Fire Sprinklers

Home fire sprinklers can contain and may extinguish a fire a lot sooner than it could take the fire department to arrive. Choose Cornwall Fire Sprinklers to help save your home and business.

Across the UK, more than 4,000 individuals perish in fires each year. Fire sprinklers help save lives, reduce damage and may even help cut homeowner insurance premiums.

Installing both smoke alarms along with a fire sprinkler system with Cornwall Fire Sprinklers minimises risking potential death in the home fire by 82%, compared to having neither. Just the sprinkler nearest to the fire will activate, showering water directly on the fire. Ninety percent of fires are contained with the function of a single sprinkler.

Household fire sprinkler systems add 1% to 1.5% of the total building expense in new construction. Home fire sprinkler systems are at the very least as dependable as home plumbing systems and are inconspicuous and may be installed flush with walls or ceilings.cornwall fire sprinklers

Tackling a fire at its earliest stages is vital for protecting a building, a company’s assets and the welfare of the people who work there. A sprinkler system is the only device that can detect a fire, sound an alarm, alert the fire and rescue service and deliver water immediately to the fire, thereby extinguishing it or preventing it from spreading.

The technology of automatic fire suppression through sprinkler systems is more than 140 years old, has made systems more affordable by bringing costs down and making systems even more efficient. Today’s fire sprinkler systems use less piping, less water and need fewer sprinkler heads.

Fire sprinklers myths and facts

FACT: Operational smoke detectors do save lives, however they do nothing to extinguish a growing fire

FACT: Only the sprinkler head(s) directly affected by the fire is triggered.

FACT: Sprinklers attack the fire quickly and directly so less water is needed. As they also operate the fire alarm, the flow can be quickly turned off when the fire is out.

FACT: The chance of a sprinkler head malfunction is 16 million to 1, you are therefore more likely to win the lottery.

  • No one in the UK has ever died as a result of a fire in a building with a working sprinkler system
  • With a sprinkler system installed, you have a 97% chance of surviving a fire
  • Only the sprinkler heads in the immediate vicinity of the fire actually operate
  • Sprinklers do not generate ‘false alarm’. They will only operate in the event of an actual fire
  • For a small additional cost, an alarm switch can be built-in to the system to call the fire brigade automatically
  • Maintenance cost for sprinklers is low, and the first year is covered by a free warranty
  • Fire sprinklers are easy and quick to install. Installing sprinklers in a standard one-storey building should take under a week
  • If there is a power failure, fire sprinklers will still operate
  • Sprinklers have long service lives; 50 years is common and offer reliable, low-risk protection
  • Fire sprinklers are operated by heat, they won’t some on if you burn your toast – like smoke alarms