Fire sprinklers and Cornwall Cornwall Fire Brigade

The Benefits of Sprinklers

There is clear evidence that sprinklers can be effective in stopping fires spreading and putting them out. Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) plays a key leadership role in promoting better understanding of the benefits of sprinklers as part of a core commitment to reducing the impact of fire on people, property and the environment in Cornwall. Benefits of Sprinklers:

  • Reduce death and injury from fire
  • Reduce the risks to firefighters
  • Protect property and heritage
  • Reduce the effects of arson
  • Reduce fire costs and the disruption to your business and to the community
  • Rooms protected by fire sprinklers can usually be back in use within a few hours or days
  • Permit design freedoms and encourage innovative, inclusive and sustainable architecture
  • Potential for savings arising from a reduction in insurance premiums

Sprinklers provide the best protection available

“We in the fire service are passionate about raising awareness of the benefits of sprinklers and the positive impact that they can have on saving lives, fire fighter safety and business continuity. This is a step in a long running campaign for a change in legislation to support the installation of fire sprinkler systems in new builds. Until that aim is achieved, we will continue to promote and encourage the installation of this proven life saving equipment at every opportunity.” Paul Walker, Chief Fire Officer Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service