Fire sprinklers and Cornwall Council

Already compulsory in Wales, fire sprinkler installation may soon by a part of new build legislation.

Cornwall Council is leading the way in calling for legislation in England which will make the installation of fire sprinklers in new builds compulsory.

At a conference at the Carlyon Bay Hotel hosted by Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service last Friday, delegates heard from a range of speakers in support of a campaign to promote the installation of fire sprinklers to save lives and property.

John Hughes, who lost two members of his family in the Penhallow Hotel fire, made a personal and emotional appeal as he described the  loss that devastated his life, and urged for all possible measures to prevent such tragedies in the future.

Welsh Assembly member Ann Jones described her successful campaign for the introduction of legislation to make the fitting of fire sprinkler systems mandatory in many new builds in Wales. Steve Mills from the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association explained the practicalities and benefits of installing fire sprinklers.

Lance Kennedy, Cornwall Council portfolio holder for public protection closed the conference with a pledge to push for the installation of fire sprinklers wherever possible: “Cornwall Council strongly supports the installation of fire sprinklers in both residential and commercial premises, to support this and in the absence of supporting legislation all regulatory services within Cornwall Council are required to actively promote the installation of fire sprinklers at every opportunity.”

Des Tidbury, Chief Fire Officer, Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service said: “The conference brought together key individuals who will endorse and promote fire sprinklers.  We in the fire service are passionate about raising awareness of the benefits of sprinklers and the positive impact that they can have on saving lives, fire fighter safety and business continuity. This is a step in a long running campaign for a change in legislation to support the installation of fire sprinkler systems in new builds.  Until that aim is achieved, we will continue to promote and encourage the installation of this proven life saving equipment at every opportunity.”